Improve your technique and fitness with squash-specific training programmes and get personalised advice from world-class squash coaches!


We’re excited to introduce you to the SquashSkills Training Club, a unique online platform designed to significantly improve your game with the help of our elite coaching team!

Over the last year, we've perfected a number of programmes to match everyone's individual goals and we've seen some great results!

The aim is simple, to create a virtual training environment that offers support, accountability, advice and motivation for players of all levels who are looking to improve their technique and fitness, on or off court.


We have created multiple 6-week training programmes that use a combination of live consultation calls, how-to videos, PDFs and online training diaries to guarantee results. This will all be supported with the creation of a WhatsApp group offering real-time chat. We keep the group sizes small to create a great community spirit ensuring everyone receives quality time and attention from the coaches.

Check out what the participants say about SquashSkills Training Club!



For less than £9/week you'll receive world-class training programme, designed and run by Gary Nisbet and Jesse Engelbrecht, alongside with the support of like-minded athletes.

Whatever level you play at, our training system has the opportunity to facilitate big developments in your game!

Early booking is advised due to the popularity of the programmes!

For any questions about the programmes please contact Sandra on sandra@squashskills.com.

There are 4 different 6-week programmes you can choose from:


Daily feedback and motivation from our world-class coaches via WhatsApp

A 6-week multi-element training plan

Advice and guidance on how to best organise and structure your training schedule

Comprehensive training diary to log all of your workouts, progressions and testing results

The support and accountability of a group of like-minded players to share your progress and experience

4 consultation Zoom group calls with the coaches


This course is a 6-week multi-element training programme, adapted from the same schedules as used by elite PSA professional players to develop all-round squash-specific conditioning.

Every week you'll receive a fresh selection of sessions focusing on different fitness elements, including speed, power, strength, and stamina. The workouts are designed for you to be able to complete either on-court or off, without need for any special equipment or facilities.

The programme is suitable for all levels, with modifications available to cater for any physical limitations or other individual circumstances.



This course is designed for players who are able to access a court for a TECHNIQUE FOCUS training block. 

The course will be focussed on quality and effective solo hitting, pairs training and squash specific movements. Each week the challenges and sessions will vary in intensity and variability to keep a high level of stimulation and to get you to maximise your play and court time.

This is a perfect opportunity to join the new innovative SquashSkills Training Club to help maximise your play with a detailed technical focus on the structure and foundation.


Our endurance programme is built around the very best drills and workouts to focus on boosting that all-important squash-specific stamina.

The plan will consist of sessions of a range of volumes and intensities, targeting all elements of your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Guidance will be given on structuring your training schedule, planning your workouts, and optimising your post-session recovery.

The endurance programme is designed for all levels, but if you're particularly out of shape we suggest that you start with our Fitness Focus programme to help build an initial base.


This 6-week training programme has been designed to help you build foundational strength, providing the basis for all other athletic qualities. Developing and maintaining a good level of strength is crucial for optimal on-court performance, injury prevention and all-round health.

Whatever your level of experience with resistance training, this course will help guide you in the right direction as to how best to utilise your available facilities.

Every Monday, a fresh set of sessions will be delivered for you to complete, allowing you to progress your level each week. The content will be backed up with 24/7 support from Gary, feeding you in-depth technical outlines of each exercise, along with input on nutrition, recovery, and wider strength training theory.

Ideally, you’ll have access to full local gym facilities, but even those with home equipment can join the programme!



  • SquashSkills Fitness & Performance Director
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach to a number of world-class PSA players including Mazen Hesham, Coline Aumard, and Richie Fallows


  • Former South African No.1 
  • Reached a career-high of World No.54
  • Won the Plate Final at the 2002 Commonwealth Games
  • Surrey Sports Park Director of Squash



"This programme is terrific. Targeted, effective, intense, yet fantastic camaraderie among the group participants. The squash-specificity of the drills and sessions really shines. And can be adapted to indoors or outdoors, smaller/larger spaces. I’d recommend this to everyone!"

- Juliet Lamont, STC participant

"My highest recommendation goes to the SquashSkills 6 week Training Club, which I just completed last week. A definite rating of 10/10 from me.

Gary Nisbet has injected the programme full to the brim, with such a wide variety of squash specific exercises, resulting in a programme that was 100% motivating, novel, challenging and always interesting. The movement of some of the exercises were such, that I could almost imagine being back on the court!

Each workout could be completed in our own time, and readily adapted to any indoor and/or outdoor space, that we each had, in our own unique lockdown situations.

The SS team were available daily to encourage, give guidance and respond to any queries we each had. There was no shortage of support.

It was an added bonus that I got to train with such a great bunch of squash enthusiasts from all over the world, sharing mutual positive motivation.

My eyes were completely opened to the variety of skills and exercises that underlie squash, stemming well beyond cardio/endurance, to include stability/balance, power/strength and mobility, allowing me to discover my own individual pattern of strengths and weaknesses. The SS programme quickly identified for me some key areas to target in my ongoing training.

Since I finished my SS programme, I have continued with the workouts and could easily continue in my training independently as I am now familiar with the kind of exercises that are of value. However to keep the challenge and motivation going, I have opted to book again to participate in yet another SS programme, and this time bringing a few squash mates with me for the ride!

I cannot rate this training highly enough for any eager squash player."

- Lisa, Galway Ireland , Masters Squash Player

"Perhaps the biggest endorsement I can give for the SquashSkills training sessions is that after years of ghosting, court sprints, and running, it made me realize how little I knew about training smart. Gary patiently showed us that squash training is not about doing crazy amounts of court sprints. It's a sport that requires a balance of endurance, speed, agility, and strength. The program covers all of those areas and allows you to target weaknesses in particular ones so your overall training becomes so much more effective. Another thing the programme taught me was that this approach is not just for advanced players. My 11-year old son loved the sessions as well as my wife who does not play squash. Thanks to Gary for putting together not only an awesome set of routines but for introducing us to an infinitely better way of training!"

- Jim Marino, STC participant

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"These weeks have been much more than just following drills laid out by Gary. The Training Club has also been about uncovering strengths and weaknesses, supporting each other, and learning how to become optimally fit for squash."⠀

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What is the time commitment like with this course?

The course consists of 3 sessions per week + 2 bonus sessions. Each session is around 30-45 minutes long. You can finish the weekly sessions around your availability, there are no specific days for the sessions.

What level is this course suitable for? I'm worried I can't keep up.

The course is suitable for all levels from beginners to pros. The coaches will make sure you'll receive training suitable for your level and recommend any adjustments where needed.

Is this suitable for juniors?

The course is suitable for all ages, including juniors. As the main communication channel with the coach and the rest of the team is WhatsApp then it is either the junior or the parent or both in the WhatsApp group to keep an eye on any notes, activities etc, depending on how the family decides.

With further questions please contact Sandra on sandra@squashskills.com!